6th Grade ELA Online Learning using Screencastify and YouTube

6th Grade English Language Arts I completed a long term substitute position for the school year 2019-2020. These are YouTube videos I recorded using Screencastify. Writing a Feature Article and Choice Reading Feature Article and Choice Reading Feature Article and… Continue Reading

What is Edcamp?

Have you heard of Edcamp, but are not sure what it is? Edcamp is a creative way for teachers to develop professionally. The learning is decided by the educators who show up on the day of the Edcamp. Edcamps are… Continue Reading

15 Edcamp Organizer Tips

Cynthia Leatherwood cynthia@edcamp.org @C_A_Leatherwood cl218@edublogs.org 15 Tips for Edcamp Organizers 1. Have an organizer near the session board to encourage participants to put sessions on the board. Sometimes they are just unsure of what to call their session. Have someone… Continue Reading

“Edcampers” Have You Heard Of Our New District Initiative?

Unfortunately, most teachers working in the toughest schools in America have not yet heard of the Edcamp movement. Demands on their time and energy make the added burden of giving up a Saturday morning or after-school hours too onerous. The… Continue Reading